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Hi! 👋🏽

I’m a Philadelphia-born and based musician and producer. I was gifted my first guitar by my grandfather—an OG jazz musician on the local scene. Since then, music has been my passion and craft. I went on to learn every instrument I could get my hands on, and eventually studied music technology, recording techniques, and synthesizers in college.

After building a grassroots online following from my first apartment, I self-released an EP ‘Daydreams.’ Shortly thereafter, I went on to release two albums (‘Hollow Moon’ and ‘Swim, Simian’) on vinyl and cassette with record label Mystery Circles. I have collaborated with a number of fellow electronic musicians and contributed to compilations by Inner Ocean Records and Mystery Circles, as well as performing within our beloved little community.

Beyond my own work, I have been producing my own plug-ins and sample packs as well. As I grow and develop on my own artistic journey, I believe in disseminating what I've learned to other composers and musicians as well, and helping to foster the health of the art world as a whole.

I am currently taking work composing for film, video games, music libraries, commercials, and more. Please reach out if you would like to learn more about my work or working together!

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