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Hollow Moon - Limited Edition Cassette


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Hollow Moon is the debut album by electronic/hip-hop artist Aqeel Aadam. The album takes its name from the Hollow Moon Theory, which is a (conspiracy) theory that the Moon is, in fact, entirely hollow. This theory is particularly fascinating since one must consider that something that seems so steadfast and constant, sturdy and atomic, could actually be fragile and exactly the opposite.
Hollow Moon is about self-exploration and self-acknowledgement. The album was inspired by personal struggles with anxiety - firstly, admitting it existed, and secondly, understanding the ways it can affect you. Each piece on the album is reflective of a different "flavor" of anxiety - emotional and physical relationships (beginnings and break-ups alike), releasing art into the world, failure, mortality. Each piece reflects on each of these, trying to represent them uniquely and construct a narrative in accordance with personal experiences (do they resolve over time? Do they worsen? Transform?). The exact narratives and issues they reflect are left for the listener to discover their own experience in.