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Bouncing Ball - atmospheric/ambient/meditative (Pulsar-23, GR-1, Lyra-8)
Bouncing Ball - atmospheric/ambient/meditative (Pulsar-23, GR-1, Lyra-8) image

Bouncing Ball - atmospheric/ambient/meditative (Pulsar-23, GR-1, Lyra-8)


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An exploration into a more abstract patch on the Soma Pulsar-23. I've been really enjoying using the Pulsar to explore different sequencing techniques, and blending the concept of a "beat" and a "texture", which Pulsar really excels at.
Patch notes:
- The main voice is Pulsar, with one channel (bass/percussion) being triggered by a cycling Make Noise Maths channel. The cycle is sped up and slowed down in relation to the pitch of the note (and nudged a bit more with an LFO to stay loose).
- Make Noise Morphagene into QPAS into Magneto and Data Bender for background pad (sampling @Hainbach 's Isolation Loops).
- Glitches provided by ER-301 multisampling a bunch of weird percussion. The other function generator of Maths is triggering this percussion, via a sparse gate which is enabling the channel's cycle and disabling it.
- An undercurrent of noise is provided by Mystic Circuits Portal. The noise source is just a simple trigger, and some CV and self-patching turns it into a bed of noise. Portal is patched through FM Aid and IME Bionic Lester for extra weirdness and filtering.
- Ornament-8 is sequencing Lyra-8, to provide a melody at the top of each grouping of measures.
- Tasty Chips GR-1 providing a low drone for harmonic context (around 60% probability of occurring via Ableton 11 sequencing).
- Felt Instruments Blisko providing sparse strings. I put every note of the scale into an Ableton MIDI clip and gave every note about a 10% chance of being played.
- Strymon Big Sky on almost everything :)