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Live performance for Ballroom Blitz Beirut/Radio Alhara (ambient/downtempo/chill)
Live performance for Ballroom Blitz Beirut/Radio Alhara (ambient/downtempo/chill) image

Live performance for Ballroom Blitz Beirut/Radio Alhara (ambient/downtempo/chill)


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I was incredibly fortunate to be invited to perform in a virtual concert by Ballroom Blitz, broadcasted by Radio Alhara. Here's the performance in full, I hope you enjoy!
Audio masterd by @SixMissing .
Patch notes (very rough, doing this from memory about a month later):
- Analog Rytm mkII is being sent to the modular on full wet. It then goes into a chain of Qu-bit Prism to Grayscale Supercell (Clouds). This version and the original dry signal are each patched in parallel into SSF Vortices, so I can go full wet, full dry, or both in parallel. Vortices' output is put into XAOC Katowice for manipulating the overall frequency content of the drums, DJ style (easy way to solo the kick/hats/bandpass it).
- The mono mixer in Vortices is used to sum the Moog DFAM, Intellijel Atlantis (sequenced by NerdSeq), Qu-bit Surface (sequenced by Melodicer) and put them all through Strymon Magneto.
- Instruo Arbhar and Make Noise Morphagene providing ambient wash, going into some combination of QPAS, Mimeophon, and Data Bender (don't remember the exact chain, sorry!)
- WMD Fracture and Chimera providing percussion, sequenced by Noise Engineering Zularic Repetitor.
- Pittsburgh SV-1 on the bassline in the final movement, sequenced by NerdSeq.
- Moog Matriarch for arps, solos, basslines
- Novation Summit on supporting pads and chords (sequenced by Ableton)
- Strymon Big Sky on various voices throughout
#eurorack #moogmatriarch #liveelectronicmusic