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Modular World Anniversary Performance
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Modular World Anniversary Performance


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My performance from the epic 36 hour @ModularWorld Anniversary stream! I was incredibly fortunate to be included among some 125 other performers. Here's the original stream with the rest of the performances, a quick interview, and the archived live chat!
Also - very sorry about how the video turned out. It's not quite in focus and I accidentally meander out of the frame for most of the performance while playing... whoops! C'est la vie.
Patch notes:
- Morphagene atmosphere into Bionic Lester for all-pass/comb filtering. Lester's outputs into QPAS and Electus Versio, summed in Vortices. Then, output of Vortices into Katowice for wide and moving bandpass filtering.
- Atlantis (sequenced by Metropolis) into Magneto.
- Elements (sequenced by Ableton) into Supercell.
- Bassline from SV-1 into Autodyne for a sidechained effect.
- Drums from Machinedrum (kick/snare/hat) and Digitakt (percussion). Both of those sent into Data Bender to glitch it up.
- Pulsar-23 for texture and atmosphere. Some modular percussion (WMD Fracture and Mystic Circuits Portal) sent into it as well.
- OB-6 for pads.
- Guitar signal chain: Infinite Jets (just drive), Meet Maude (slow delay), Generation Loss (for chorus), Dark World (big hall verb), Iridium (high gain, lots of room).
#eurorack #modularsynth #postrock