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Music Therapy - Moog Matriarch and DFAM jam
Music Therapy - Moog Matriarch and DFAM jam image

Music Therapy - Moog Matriarch and DFAM jam


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I got a Moog! Two, even. I've had the Matriarch for a couple weeks and I just popped it in front of my modular to act as a sort of master controller. I'm really swimming in the new levels of interaction I'm feeling with my modular. Typically I subscribe to more of a "hit record and let it go" type of philosophy, but I'm having a lot more trouble keeping my hands off now.
This jam was super straightforward and just an early morning attempt to get to know the Matriarch and DFAM a bit better. Just hitting record and seeing what happens!
Patch notes:
- Moog Matriarch running into Arbhar, then Morphagene, QPAS, and Mimeophon. Arbhar's capture input is controlled by Matriarch's keyboard gate, so anytime I play a new, the buffer is overdubbed. This makes a sustaining pad related to whatever I play. Morphagene is looping a low drone.
- Moog DFAM through Supercell (Clouds). I'm loving the highpassed sounds from DFAM specifically, with really low oscillator tuning to get sub-audible crackling. Supercell's feedback is getting cranked to result in a texture almost like rain on top of the DFAM rhythm.
- Elektron Machinedrum for skeletal drums.
#modularsynth #eurorack #moogmatriarch