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Podular Modcast patch challenge - "Drowsy Dove"
Podular Modcast patch challenge - "Drowsy Dove" image

Podular Modcast patch challenge - "Drowsy Dove"


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I had the amazing opportunity to come on Podular Modcast this week for a chat! Tim from Podmod gave me the challenge of coming up with a patch to fit the phrase "drowsy dove". I patched up this little piece, which I found very relaxing and enjoyable. I don't typically go into a patch with a fixed idea, but this patch had me thinking that I should do it more often!
Patch notes:
- Rene sequencing Odessa, into Magneto. This was my dove "voice", which started out with trying to simulate a dove's round cooing sound.
- Moog Matriarch with a woozy arp, with the speed of the sequence affected by Marbles. I wanted to reflect the feeling of a bird flying, constantly speeding up and slowing down or gliding, sometimes energetic and sometimes peaceful.
- WMD percussion (Fracture and Chimera) into Grayscale Supercell on full wet. This was mostly just to evoke more of an animalistic feeling - oftentimes granular stuff sounds like a small animal rustling around.
- Morphagene sampling some Novation Summit chords, providing a backdrop and some generative harmonic motion.
- Elektron Machinedrum for the drums that come and go.
#eurorack #modularsynth