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Ridgewalk: My next plug-in
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Ridgewalk: My next plug-in


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I'm officially announcing my next plug-in: Ridgewalk ⛰️⛰️
Ridgewalk is a looper, but it's in an orthogonal dimension to my first plug-in, Weeping Wall. Where Weeping Wall captures many individual snippets of sound, Ridgewalk will let you navigate and explore the contents of a single buffer. That buffer can be recorded to, overdubbed over, and reverted to a previous version. Ridgewalk employs a swarm of microloopers which can independently traverse your sample in a number of regular or random ways. It can be anything from an instant soundscape machine to a unique way to flip and stretch a sample.
I'm targeting release this month (June). Ridgewalk will be available for macOS, Windows, and iOS. Stay tuned!
My first plug-in, Weeping Wall, can be found on Gumroad:
or the iOS App Store:
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