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The Depths - Morphagene, Elements
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The Depths - Morphagene, Elements


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Putting in some practice with making something more ambient. Every now and then I like to really seep myself in different genres that I consider influential, and try to learn them a bit better. I take heavy influence from ambient, hiphop, post rock, alt R&B, etc. so I try to sit down and make something "purely" in those genres, so that when I make something that takes influence from them, I'm more genuine.
This is some Novation Summit noodling put through the Make Noise Morpahgene, which basically scrubs through the sample and constructs and ambient bed that morphs over time and implies different chords here and there. On top of that, I have Mutable Instruments Elements add some randomized long tones for more texture. The cute melody that comes and goes is a standard VCO put through the System80 Jove, with a bit of Hologram Microcosm adding extra delay and depth to the sound. Elektron Machinedrum holds down the groove to tie it all together.
#ambientmusic #eurorack #modularsynthesizer