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Weeping Wall demo - Piano
Weeping Wall demo - Piano image

Weeping Wall demo - Piano


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Another quick demo of my first plug-in, Weeping Wall, adding ambience and space to a simple piano performance. This clip really epitomizes what WW is to me - an atmosphere generator, that stays fresh and relevant to what you throw at it. I'm using WW as a send effect here, and putting the result into Big Sky as well for reverb.
Weeping Wall is a set of desynchronized microloopers built to create morphing beds of ambience underneath your compositions. This is a tool that I've personally wanted to exist for years, and I hope you find it as inspiring as I have.
WW is VST3/AU format for Mac and Windows, and costs $50 (discounted to $35 until Friday, 12/15/23). I've got many more ideas coming down the pipeline as well - I'd be honored if you shared this journey with me.
#vst #musicproduction #sounddesign