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Juno Beds (Sample Pack)


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Lush. Thick. Unabashedly noisy. The Juno has been a mainstay in studios worldwide for over four decades. Now, you can capture its essence and bring its beloved character into your pieces with Juno Beds.

What are “Beds”? In short, reinterpretations of recordings made with the Juno - what you’re hearing is 100% Juno, just smeared and reimagined. Each sample is designed to loop endlessly to provide perpetual movement and inspiration. These “beds” are a composition technique that I frequently use in my own pieces. More complex than a single drone, these atmospheric backdrops always give me inspiration, like a painter mixing an unexpected color, or a photographer stumbling on the perfect light. Sometimes we need a little nudge to spark the creative process.

In these samples, you might find whispers of melodies, or the fleeting implication of a chord progression. Only you can hear these, so they’re yours to latch onto - hold them tight.

This pack contains two sets of mastered files - “raw” and “processed”. The “raw” versions are the purest representation of the Juno’s signature characteristics: noisy and soupy, with a ton of beef in the low end. The “processed” versions are refined and gently sculpted with some light filtering and effects - you may consider these to be more ready out of the box. 

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Performed, composed, and recorded by Aqeel Aadam.

Purchase of this sample pack grants you a Creative Commons license for commercial and non-commercial use.